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Guangzhou Street Tourist Night Market

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Turn onto Guangzhou Street from Xiyuan Road, and you will immediately feel the lively atmosphere of the night market. Stalls for carnival games, various commodities, and the sound of merchants competing for customers all add up to a scene that is characteristic of Taiwan. There are a wide variety of products sold at the Guangzhou Street Night Market, including household products, clothing, toys, and last but not least, foods that cannot be missed. Oyster omelette, grilled corn, and squid soup are all worth lining up for.

Guangzhou Street Tourist Night Market

Guangzhou Street Tourist Night Market1

Guangzhou Street, Wanhua District, between Huanhe S. Road and Xiyuan Road.
From MRT Longshan Temple Station Exit 1, go along Sec. 1,Xiyuan Road and turn left on Guangzhou Street, 5 minutes walking distance.
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