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Shilin Tourist Night Market

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Most foreign tourists make Shilin Night Market one of their must-visit destinations. The night market occupied a large area that includes the historical Shilin Market, which relocated to JiheRoad on 2011. The night market, surrounded by Jihe Road, Wenlin Road and Dabei Road, features the Yangming movie theater, department stores, and food vendors. The famous foods that can be found in the night market include fried wrap, deepfried chicken cutlets, ding bian cuo, jelly tapioca pearl, and cuttlefish soup. You can also shop for clothes and other household items. Shilin Night Market is a staple of Taipei's night market culture?

Shilin Tourist Night Market

Shilin Tourist Night Market1

between Dadong Road, Danan Road, Wenlin Road, and Jihe Road, Shilin District.
From MRT Jiantan Station Exit 1, turn left on Wenlin Road and you are there.
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