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Nanjichang Night Market

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Nanjichang Night Market is located in a nameless alley between lane 307 and 315, Sec. 2, Zhonghua Road. The night market received its namesake because there was an airport, or "jichang", nearby during the days of Japanese occupation. The public housing built later made this location a hub of activities and a place famous for cheap snack food. Different items are on sale during the day and at night. Many dumpling restaurants have opened in lane 309 in recent years, and as a result the lane is now known as the Dumpling Lane. In 2012, Nanjichang Night Market became internationally renowned for its delicious Taiwanese meatballs.

Nanjichang Night Market

Nanjichang Night Market1

Yiya Lane, between Lane 307 and Lane 315, Sec. 2,Zhonghua Road.
A.25-minute walk toward Sec. 2, Zhonghua Road from MRT Ximen Station.
12、204、205、212、212(Through)、223、249、250、253、673、670、671、Blue29 Get off at Nanjichang Apartments.