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Siping Sun Square (Feature Market)

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There are many office buildings in areas surrounding Siping Street, which attracted many female customers to come shopping at noon or after work. In recent years, the area has become a place to shop for fashion goods, which include clothing, shoes and household items. The street is now only pedestrian only, with coffee tables and street performers in the middle of the street. You can find many famous foods here, such as tofu pudding, candied fruit, and braised pork knuckle.

Siping Sun Square

Siping Sun Square 1

Siping Street (between lane 115 of Nanjing E. Road and Yitong Street)
From MRT Songjiang Nanjing Station Exit 7, move towards Siping Street, it is within 2 minutes walking distance.
Nan Jing E Rd. Direction: Bus No. 46, 248, 311, 266, 282, 288, 292, 306, 307, 604, 622, 652.
Songjiang Rd. Direction: Bus No. 41, 49, 72, 214, 222, 226, 280, 290, 505, Songjiang- Xinsheng Line