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Industry and Business Division

Responsible Unit: The Industry and Business Division of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government
Address: North Wing 10F, No.1 Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei, 110, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Service Lines: For callers in Taipei City, please dial 1999, extension number 4543, for the Citizen's Hotline. For callers outside of Taipei City, please dial 02-27208889 , extension number 4543.
Fax: 2759-6577
For informing on unregistered factories, please call 1999, extension number 6565.

Administrative Scope:

 1. Industry Development Strategy

  • Industry development strategy and project planning
  • Industry development trend analysis, consultation program planning and implementation, and law drafting
  • Industrial land planning

 2. Factory Registration and Inspection

  • The registration, changes and the termination of factories in Taipei City in compliance with the Law Governing Factory Administration and Assistance and its corresponding enforcement rules and regulations
  • Inspects and provides assistance to unregistered factories in Taipei City

 3. Certification of Movables Mortgages

  • Oversees and discloses the registration of chattel mortgages, conditional sales, and trust receipts to ensure financial transaction security in compliance with the Chattel Secured Transaction Code and corresponding enforcement rules

 4. Tax Reduction and Exemption

  • Assists and issues necessary certificates to manufacturing industries and associated technology service industries in Taipei City for the application for tax benefits under the Statute for Upgrading Industries and its corresponding enforcement rules and regulations

 5. Industry Consultation

  • Provides industry consultation and promotions
  • Promotes investment and international commerce
  • Facilitates investment activities and coordinates business resources
  • Promotes the introduction and development of industry talents
  • Promotes the investment environment of Taipei City
  • Policy drafting and enforcement for investment promotion and incentive allocation

 6. Private Investment Promotion

  • Provides consultation for regulations on business investment
  • Processes applications for investment incentives and conducts initial reviews on such applications
  • Assists businesses in overcoming investment impediments

 7. Taipei Design Award 

 8. Innovation Startup Center Map