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NO.TitlePublish Date
61What are the key elements of the presentation when applying for the Project of Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry? 2014-08-18
62Where can I find information about starting a new business in Taipei City?2014-07-24
63How can you avoid fraudulent salesmen disguised as natural gas corporate personnel selling fake substandard gas switches?2014-07-24
64 Our Company is a new startup and there isn’t any financial record. How do we fill in the income statement and balance sheet in the Business Plan?2014-06-26
65What are the regulations concerning natural gas bill payment and penalties in contracts?2014-06-26
66Should the natural gas corporates be required to install natural gas pipelines and facilities?2014-05-27
67Is there any introduction to the Taipei Entrepreneurial Services Office?2014-05-27
68 Is there a duration limit when applying for an R&D project according to the Taipei City Economic Development Self-governance Ordinance?2014-04-23
69The regulations and charges for natural gas installation2014-04-23
70The regulations of natural gas basic monthly charge2014-03-28
71When applying for the Project of Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry, what are the key elements of the presentation to the Review & Evaluation Committee?2014-02-25
72Who are the natural gas suppliers and what are their service regions in Taipei City?2014-02-25
73The gas meter replacement program2014-02-07
74What is the “Taipei International Design Award”?2014-02-07
75Is there any particular restriction on industrial classification categories eligible in applying for innovative research and development subsidies under the Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance?2013-12-30
76How can I request an urgent repair when encountering a suspected gas leak in Taipei City?2013-12-30
77Our company has just completed the process of capital increase; we plan to increase again next year. If we have already applied for the subsidy this year, could we apply for it next year after capital increase?2013-10-08
78Quick and easy detection methods for gas leaks2013-10-08
79How to purchase and use the air conditioner properly?2013-09-24
80How to know the average price of Liquid Petroleum Gas in Taipei City?2013-08-14